Vacant Property Service

Vacant Property Service

At Marvellous Security Services Ltd we are specialists in Vacant and Empty property services including property boarding, property cleaning, property clearing, locksmith services, garden maintenance, property repair services and property security services.

We have years of experience in the industry and have worked with numerous clients up and down the country and offer this service on a national level.

If your property or properties have been damaged, you can count on Marvellous Security Services Ltd to provide first class, cost effective and reliable boarding up service, this includes 24/7 emergency response boarding up service.

Call to ask any question: (+44) 0161 85 09 809


As soon as you have made contact, we can arrange to send a local, qualified and experienced engineer to fully repair your property and/or provide temporary boarding until a complete repair can be undertaken.

Properties become vacant for all types of reasons including, awaiting clearance, refurbishment or it is vacant between tenancies. When a property becomes vacant/empty there are several security measures that can be taken to avoid illegal entry by potential squatters or vandals. We are specialists in all types of vacant property security services including changing locks, boarding up surveillance and more.

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